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It sounds too good to be true, right? I thought so too, until I finally figured out how this could be achieved by working smarter. The secret is to create your own passive income revenue streams.

What Would You Like To Achieve?

I want to learn about the business challenges technology provides

Discover the Twelve Methods to Make Money Online. This dynamic report reveals everything you need to know before creating an online business.


I want to build a successful YouTube channel

Watch my free training to learn 3 Secrets to Reach 1,000 Subscribers and Get Monetised in Just 3 Months!

Do I have the skills to start an internet business?

Use our intelligent questionnaire to learn if you are ready to start an online business. In 10 minutes, you will know the answer and our suggestion of what type of business is good for you to start with.

Our Mission

To teach regular people to build online businesses that generate passive income and give them flexibility, fulfillment, and control over their own success.

You will learn how to change your mindset about working 9 to 5 for someone else. If you follow the step-by-step instructions, you will undoubtedly achieve the above goal.

Welcome To

I’m Nick, the man behind this website and the leader of a growing movement of regular people turned digital entrepreneurs. As an experienced business analyst, tutor and creative problem solver, I’m dedicated to helping you build an online business that gives you the opportunity to live the way you want.

Nick Kagelaris - CEO
Nick Kagelaris - Founder & CEO

We all want the same thing, right? 

To do the work we enjoy, on a schedule we control and make plenty of money in the process.

Is that too much to ask?

Hi, I’m Nick, and I don’t think so.

About 25+ years ago, I started my first company – and I’ve never looked back. I love being the boss of my own life, and teaching others how they, too, can build digital businesses that give them the opportunity to live how they want.

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The idea of building a community of people following the pathway of creating passive income streams using technology is here. By joining the club, you get access to exclusive material and our support system. Also, from time to time, you get special discounts for club members only.

Join the Passive Income Chasers Club for exclusive material, support on your ideas, and special discounts for the members only.

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